Characteristics of components of solar collectors

Element Characteristics and properties
Vacuum tube Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3
Tube type: Double-walled glass tube
Measurements: 58mm-outer, 47mm - internal
1800mm-length, 1,8mm-thickness of the outer pipe
Vacuum:<5×10-3 Well
Heat loss: <0,8 W / m2hK
Absorber coating Material: anodized aluminum
The level of absorption: >92%
The heat pipe Material: high-purity copper
Heat-conducting material: Distilled water
Collector Material: Copper
Soldering material: BAG45CuZn
Maximum pressure: 800 кПа
Connection diameter: 22 mm
Absorber Material: High-purity aluminum
Rubber components Material: Silastic (stable to UV)
Mounting frame Material: Stainless steel
Clamps Material: Stainless steel
The manifold housing Material: Powder coated aluminum
Isolation collector Material: mineral wool (0,043 W / m2hK)

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