Mounting frame

Mounting frame Apricus may be made of aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the region. If the installation site is not expected to impact of strong winds or high snow load, You can use a frame of aluminum. Otherwise use a frame of stainless steel kontsruktsiyu.

montazh solnechnyh kollektorov na naklonnuyu krovlyu Монтажная рама

montazhnaya rama Apricus Монтажная рама

montazh solnechnyh kollektorov na ploskuyu krovlyu Монтажная рама

Company Apricus producing all elements for fixing the frame to the various types of roofs and at different angles.

By default, the installation frame, which is going to a collector made of stainless steel. Corner mounting frames are designed for different installation conditions and are produced at a fixed angle 100 and 300, with the possibility of adjusting the mounting angle within 300-600. Corner mounting frames are made with both stainless steel and anodized aluminum with. Given the variability and unpredictability of the weather in Ukraine (storm, snowfall, the impact of sea air, etc.) the Ukraine supplied stainless steel frame, which ensures the stability and integrity of the design is not dependent on weather conditions.

kreplenie solnechnogo kollektora k naturalnoy cherepitse Монтажная рама

montazh solnechnogo kollektora na stenu Монтажная рама

kreplenie solnechnogo kollektora k naklonnoj krovle Монтажная рама

The warranty period for the mounting frame with stainless steel is 15 years.

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