Water heating

One of the most important factors, affecting the comfort of life, is the heat. The heat is necessary for us as for heating our homes and apartments, and to heat domestic water use.

For these purposes are often used fossil fuels, resources are not limitless, and the cost of an ever-growing. The high price of thermal energy and the dependence of the consumer from the heat supplier or resources to obtain it (gas, diesel, gasoline, electricity) create insecurity.

Thanks to technological advances today we have the opportunity to use renewable energy. Thus, we can have a full or partial independence, save the family budget, confidence in the future and contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation in the world.

One of the most used sources of energy is the sun. Using solar collector, we can provide for themselves, my family with hot water for domestic use, and to carry out pool heating and heating systems.

Conventional hot water system includes a process of heating water, storage and wiring to plumbing fixtures. В случае использования солнечных коллекторов готовится и хранится вода в одном и том же месте – в аккумулирующей емкости со встроенным теплообменником. Поскольку в емкости происходит расслаивание воды по высоте, то наиболее горячая вода будет всегда вверху. Именно сверху и происходит ее отбор для использования. В то же время снизу емкости происходит подмес холодной водопроводной воды.

Аккумулирующие емкости как и количество солнечных коллекторов рассчитываются исходя из потребностей потребления горячей воды. They also advocate storage cooked in the daytime water at night or cloudy weather.

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