Features of vacuum collectors Apricus

1. Vacuum tube. The vacuum tube has a very low heat loss.

2. Passive Tracking. This allows to heat the water at a low outside air temperature. Solar absorbers round and between them there is a certain distance. With this solar power is not significant in the case of falls, when the sun's rays strike at an angle to the plane of 90S solar collector.

osobennosti vakuumnyh kollektorov apricus Особенности вакуумных коллекторов Apricus

For comparison, the company Apricus conducted an experiment. In Sydney (Australia) was measured power produced collectors for the year of use. On the following picture you can see the power reduction for solar collectors placed at different angles (for other regions of the loss of power may be different collectors)

osobennosti vakuumnyh kollektorov apricus 2 Особенности вакуумных коллекторов Apricus

3. A great combination of vacuum and heat pipes.

Sbroka of vacuum tubes and heat in a single structure made by different manufacturers in different ways. Company Apricus instead of what would have heat pipe in the center of the vacuum, a heat pipe directly beneath the absorber. Inside the absorber is clip, which biases the absorber. As a result of heating the aluminum softened and spring-loaded clip, firmly pressed to the absorbent coating, and the tube. This ensures maximum efficiency of the solar collector.

osobennosti vakuumnyh kollektorov apricus 3 Особенности вакуумных коллекторов Apricus

4. Reliable collector.

Company Apricus uses two main sewer pipe, that have 4 welding point with a landing slot. This allows you to get the most reliable design with excellent thermal technical characteristics, that can support a large number of heating cycles. In this, warranty period of the collector is 15 years

osobennosti vakuumnyh kollektorov apricus 4 Особенности вакуумных коллекторов Apricus

5. The manifold housing.

Shell collector izgotovlen around alyuminiya, so it is weather resistant and easy (which is important when installing the). Inside as insulation wool used meneralnaya. Housing gremetichen and is moisture. With this Mineral wool is always dry and perfectly fulfills its insulating function.

6. Silicone Components.

All rubber collector elements are made of silicone rubber vozdestviyu resistant to ultraviolet radiation and capable of withstanding temperatures greater than 2000With

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