Levels of solar insolation in Ukraine

Производительность коллектора зависит от уровня солнечной инсоляции. For each city in Ukraine insolation varies and depends on the region and time of year. The map shows the amount of solar energy that falls in total for the year on a horizontal surface area 1 m. The surface is tilted toward the equator at an angle which is equal to the latitude of the product georaficheskoy Metering. The number in each area on the map involves measuring insolation in the appropriate regional center.


For example: Kiev region corresponds to the number 1239. This means, that if we take 1 m. meter steel sheet, make the ego of South, and an angle to 50.5 °(the latitude of Kyiv). That during the year on this list gets surprising number of solar energy equal to the power 1239 KW.


To assess the level of insolation used NASA satellite data for the period from 1985 on 2005 gg.




karta insolatsii Уровни солнечной инсоляции в Украине


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