As easy to sell as a solar collector or deceive consumers?

What is one of the decisive factors for the buyer in favor of one or other offer?

As practice shows very often the end user makes a choice in favor of the proposal with the lowest price, then again not regret it, as for the lowest price is usually hidden or low-quality products or a stripped-down performance equipment.

So striking example was the treatment with Igor Ivano-Frankivsk region. The task was to provide two outdoor heated swimming pools in the autumn and spring until frost of 50 cbm. and 7 cbm. One of nebezizvestnogo companies in the market of solar collectors Ukraine has made a budget proposal based on 9 flat-plate collectors and are confident, even in winter, solar collectors will work, least, drain the water from the swimming pool does not have to. Now Igor, as a human, which has mounted these solar collectors and is directly responsible to the customer for their work problems - even in the offseason collectors are not able to heat this amount of water. No joke - 57 000 liters of water in outdoor pools, and even flat-plate collectors, and even in the cold season.

Another interesting example. Alexander from Donetsk advised to heat the outdoor pool sizes 3,5 x 2,5 m (about 15 cbm) in the summer, as well as to extend the swimming season use thermosiphon collector of 20 tubes. Peak power of the collector under ideal conditions, a rather insignificant. It's all the same, like trying to heat a swimming pool immersion heater. And the heater works just 8-12 night hours, as a solar collector. Swimming pool with an open round the clock.

The following example is even more sad. Eugene called us from the Crimea in search of heat pipes to their solar collectors. As it turned out about three years ago, he set a solar system consisting 80 of vacuum tubes. After the first winter performance significantly decreased. As it turned out, Cracks appeared in the heatpipe. Today, about 40 heatpipes have failed. Therefore, the data collectors have not worked the promised five-year warranty. There is no one answer for guarantees because the firm, that they imported and sold, ceased to exist.

The most recent call. The girl acquired 3 thermosiphon collector on 30 tubes each with 300 liter tanks. At the same time she did not complete the system, but only advised, that she needed to purchase, collectors to work. As a result, the girl with the knowledge of housewives trying skomplektovat own solar system. Given the, that collectors will not be installed organization, who sold them, и комплектоваться будут не ними, that the work of the Collector will not be.

Подобные обращения имеют одно общее – это зачастую Money down the drain.

Many of you will think, that this situation not only with solar collectors, but also with other low-cost goods. And they will be right, Only an unscrupulous seller of solar collectors can always refer to the bad weather conditions, to evade responsibility.

The reason for all the greed, irresponsibility and / or unprofessional companies, are engaged in solar collectors. Moreover the word "reputation" for them, probably, does not mean anything.

Be careful. As the saying goes:

"Miser pays twice"

In this case, a cunning and unscrupulous seller profits from “sparing”.

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