Signs of originality Apricus solar collector

In our time , time, the market economy and high competition, pretty hard to create a new brand and bring in leaders. Often, in order, it was easier to sell a product or to, to sell the product at the price of low-quality high-quality product, illegally using a known brand, Products under which managed to enter in consumer confidence. Today, each of us can find clothing or equipment of poor quality for a low price with the logos of well-known brands and labels .

In order to protect the consumer from fraud, manufacturers have to make different kinds of protection and confirm the originality of products.

Apricus Company uses its best efforts, to prove the originality and quality of its products. Here are some signs, by which one can recognize the original products Apricus:

1. Laser engraved logo on the glass tube Apricus (солнечные коллекторы до 2013 г.в.).

zaschita ot poddelok Признаки оригинальности солнечных коллекторов Apricus

Each vacuum tube solar collectors Apricus has a special designation – laser engraved logo. All tubes logo is placed in the same position – below tubing. You should also pay attention to the fact, that the logo is applied to the inner tube. So it becomes virtually impossible to counterfeit or delete logo Apricus.

2. Embossed logo on the manifold body

Many Chinese manufacturers are producing reservoir “no name”. Next, a trading company, which will implement this product, marks such products by sticking paper or plastic labels printed on regular printer name. Often it is established under the name of a country and meet him in any other country can not be.

99 Признаки оригинальности солнечных коллекторов Apricus

Sometimes entrepreneurs go ahead and order the production of these stickers for professional printers. Adding to the hologram sticker or doing it with a more presentable materials.
At Apricus solar collectors, there are no such stickers. Instead, the originality of products demonstrates embossed on the metal casing collector logo Apricus. This logo can only be done at the factory.

3. Apricus printing logos on products from silicone rubber (солнечные коллекторы до 2013 г.в.).

vakuumnye trubki apricus Признаки оригинальности солнечных коллекторов Apricus

Части коллекторов выполненные из силиконовой резины имеют

признак оригинальности – нанесенный при выплавке логотип Apricus или адрес глобального сайта. So on the end caps which are closed vacuum tubes is the logo Apricus, and a written uplotnitele kollektora

4. The location of the heat pipes in a vacuum.

Многие производители размещают тепловую трубку в центре вакуумной, несмотря на то, что максимальная темература достигается не по центру вакуумной трубки а на абсорбирующей поверхности. Thus, отдаляя тепловую трубку от поверхности с максимальной температурой в центр вакуумной трубки, мы снижаем производительность. Мы же ставим чайник с водой рядом с работающей конфоркой? Naturally, это не целесообразно.

5. Рама коллектора Apricus выполнена из П-образного профиля из нержавеющей стали.

Чаще всего рамы коллекторов выполняются из алюминия. Основным объяснением называется то, что такие конструкции легче. But much whether you win, if the weight of the reservoir near 100 pounds you reduce the use of aluminum for the weight of the kilogram 5? So whether it's a significant gain in weight, sacrificing strength and durability? As we know the strength of aluminum products as compression and tensile strength is considerably inferior stainless steel products. Furthermore, which is particularly important for the coastal zone of Ukraine, aluminum without special protection is exposed to salt, leading to a steady decline in its load-bearing capacity.

6. Construction collector.

Often the collector consists of a copper pipe with drilled holes and the holes are sealed in sleeves. This design involves a large number of solder joints. Given the, that the collector temperature during the day (especially in winter) may change to 100aboutP-150aboutWith, collector material is subject to constant linear extensions. In consequence of a long line extensions in the welds collector may arise microcracks, which can lead to failure of the solar system.

Such a structure is not found in the sewers Apricus. The collector in solar collectors Aprikus made in such a way, that in places of joining sleeves, there are no openings, violate its integrity. It allows to provide a guarantee to the collector 15 years.

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