The purpose of our work - removal and consolidation of the Ukrainian market world-famous solar products Apricus.

One of the major steps towards our goal is to build a network of competent and professional partners in the regions of Ukraine, aimed at the promotion of Apricus the market for alternative and renewable energy sources.

We adhere to the development strategy, which was created by the leading marketers of Apricus. Naturally, We have adapted the scheme of cooperation, representatives spent years Apricus elsewhere, to the Ukrainian model of relationships and business rules.

The policy of our relationship with partners, as a global policy Apricus, aimed primarily at maintaining won worldwide high reputation.

People buy trust first, What they buy goods (Mark Stevens)

We do not set ourselves the goal of the product Apricus through partners, for which the principal earn now and at any cost. We are looking for partners, ready to be not only the sellers behind the counter, but willing to learn, increase their knowledge of solar energy and transfer this knowledge to their customers or installers; ready to conduct high quality design and / or installation of heating water with solar collectors Apricus.

The purpose of education is, to replace an empty mind open mind (Malcolm Stevenson Forbes 19.08.1919 — 24.02.1990)

It is this policy promotes confident exit and consolidation of the Ukrainian market of products Apricus.

Success comes, when opportunity meets readiness (Hilary Hinton «Zig» Ziglar (Dr.. 06.11.1926)

If you and your organization are ready to take this opportunity to become a representative Apricus in your area, Please fill out and submit form for contact information by address или fill in the feedback form. We will contact you.

You can also call (048) 704-55-24 or (048) 704-55-29.

Download form for contact information.
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